24-Day Challenge – Day 9 Recap

Advocare24DayChallengeI’d been good on Day 8 with saving on calories and in Day 9 I ate them. How about that for the opening line of something! I again went in to the doctor’s office and between Thursday and today, based on their scale I’ve lost 2 pounds. Let’s hope that I didn’t just gain them back. Tomorrow is our last day on the Fiber Drink and the last day of the Cleanse Phase. We’ll also be weighing in in the morning. I’m both nervous and excited. On the one hand I don’t want to have only lost a pound but on the other, I don’t want to have gained either. What I mean is that I’ll be upset if all this hard work hasn’t yielded some sort of results on the scale.

The weekdays seem to always be more challenging than time spent at home. That wasn’t always the case. I remember that weekends used to be the worst. I’d be careless with my food choices and would eat so much junk food. Now, Kenrick and I are keeping each other accountable. And with us doing it together it feels like less of a chore. Water consumption is still pretty low but I’m adapting to not drinking anything but water.

And so until tomorrow…I can assure you that regardless of what that scale says when we get on them in the morning, I’ll have plenty to say about it.

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24-Day Challenge – Day 8 Recap

Advocare24DayChallengeToday was homework day for us and so we spent about 12 hours straight in our home office in front of our computers. So it was very easy to keep on track. We’re still sticking with the same foods, salads. Two more days and we do our weigh-in. I am excited at the prospect of losing some weight although I’m also worried that the opposite will happen. You know, I’ll have gained weight. I will say that as a whole things are going well with the Challenge. I shy away from calling it a diet. It’s definitely a life change. It has to be in order for it to work, right? For those who are thinking about doing this or any other move in the right direction, just do it. We’ve had our share of moments where we feel like we’re going to fall off the wagon but we’re hanging in there and as I’ve said before, regardless, I’m now better able to make the right food choices and not feel as though I’m missing out.

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24-Day Challenge – Day 7 Recap

Advocare24DayChallenge11/16/13. We can’t believe that we’re a week into the Challenge. Even if I were to get on the scale and it not say what I think it should, I’m at least satisfied with how doing this has changed the way that I go about eating. We’ve both made far better choices than we had been. We’ve been actively seeking out meals with vegetables instead of starches and I’ve been turned back on to salads (with meat, of course! – it’s not a meal without meat!).

Today was the last day of the herbal cleanse capsules and on Day 8 we’ll reintroduce the Fiber Drink. I’m not sure why we keep doing this, however, we again switched lunch and breakfast. While we’ve been doing the Spark/V16 and pills in the correct order, we again opted to do the MRS at lunchtime and had a salad for breakfast. This was primarily because we didn’t have our first meal until the very early part of the afternoon. So, it’s not that we’re not doing something, we’re just changing up the order a bit. Continue reading

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24- Day Challenge – Day 6 Recap

Advocare24DayChallenge11/15/13. The day after my doctor’s appointment and all is back to normal on the Challenge. The only difference today is that in addition to having the usual healthy Challenge-approved meals (chicken caesar salad and whole wheat spaghetti) we also added a healthy option dessert. I was missing ice cream in a big way. However, I didn’t want to undo all the good I felt that we had already done. Kenrick needed another bottle of pasta sauce for the spaghetti he was making so I asked him to also pick up some frozen yogurt. Low-fat, of course. When he returned home he’d also brought along some oatmeal cookies. So, he warmed the cookies and scooped frozen yogurt on top and then placed another cookie on top. It was delectable!

We’re still struggling with our water consumption. During the Challenge I’ve only not had water with my meal once, that was on Day 5 when I broke down and had a vanilla coke. However, even with drinking water with my meals, I’m still not drinking anywhere close to what I should. I can only assume that I’m a bit dehydrated but I’m hanging in there. I hope that when we get on our scale on Day 10 that the way I now feel is better aligned to what the results will be on the scale. As for Kenrick taking the Catalyst, he can’t really say if it has helped in any way. We don’t think that it’s the type of pill that you’d really notice anyway.

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24-Day Challenge – Day 5 Recap

Advocare24DayChallenge11/14/13. So, we’re falling behind in the frequency of our posts. And we’ve been equally as bad about tweeting. Life happens, as they say. Day 5 was a turning point of sorts. First off, the night before we received, just in the nick of time, enough of the Challenge products to support the two of us for its duration. So on Day 6 Kenrick started adding Catalyst capsules to his regime. It was also another one of those days where we flipped the order of breakfast and lunch. I don’t like doing that but it just turned out that way. So, for lunch we had our meal replacement shakes and for breakfast we had what’s generally considered lunch as it was barely noon.

I had grilled chicken tenders and some crinkle fries (officially my first “bad” meal) with water. Kenrick had vegetable beef soup and snacked on a few of my fries. He also had water. As has been the case since Day 1 we skipped the first snack option. We also didn’t do the afternoon Spark/V16. But by the time it was dinner time the stresses of the day was affecting our meal choices.

We did some retail therapy prior. Due to medical issues I had an impromptu doctor’s appointment. I was nervous about it not solely due to my medical concern but also because they’d weigh me. I told Kenrick that if I got on the scale and it only showed that I lost a half a pound or that I’d gained weight that we’d go to Chick-fil-A. The unstated understood, I’d go and get a vanilla milkshake. At the time Kenrick laughed and said that that wasn’t happening. I suppose I could’ve tried not to look at the scale even though I knew that it would invariably be different from mine at home. You know how it is, your home scale tends to have you weighing less than at the doctor’s office. I knew that the nurse would say aloud what my weight was and so I assisted in sliding the weights up the scale as she weighed me. According to that scale I’d gained 2 pounds! In those moments I’d wished it’d said that I’d only lost a half of a pound. It got into my head. I know that it shouldn’t have and I know that I knew better. However, with everything else going on it just did. It lived in the back of my mind until it manifested itself via retail therapy and then our dinner at the Waffle House. Continue reading

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24-Day Challenge – Day 4 Recap

Advocare24DayChallenge11/13/13. Day 4 went well for the two of us. Relatively uneventful. We feel that the regiment is becoming easier to follow especially since you’re not required to eat anything special. Keeping to 3 food groups is good. While it is sometimes difficult to find good vegetable choices at some restaurants, it’s possible all the same. The morning of Day 4 had us adding the Restore and we again skipped our afternoon snack and Spark. Lunchtime we went to a Chinese food restaurant and while I was better in my food choices, Kenrick bobbled a little. I opted to have Mongolian Chicken that came on a bed of rice noodles and instead of rice I opted for vegetables. They sautéed and served it all up together. It was a tastier option to having it with the rice and I think I will do so again in the future. Additionally I had egg drop soup (light on the soup, heavy on the egg). Kenrick had sesame chicken and also had it with vegetables. We both had water with our meals.

I’ve noticed Kenrick losing a bit of weight. We’ve both said we’re not weighing until Day 10 and he even says that he feels that I’m a little lighter as well. I don’t believe him but thought that it was certainly kind of him to say. Later we went to the movies and shared a bucket of popcorn (without the butter) as well as a Hi-C. We felt that by splitting the popcorn and drink we were at least helping each other with portion control even if we weren’t as good as we should have been. I suppose, given the prices of going to the movies, we could’ve skipped the snacks all together. Continue reading

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24-Day Challenge – Day 3 Recap

Advocare24DayChallenge11/12/13. This was the first day of the Challenge where Kenrick and I weren’t at home. We both did quite well all things considered. I had to do blood work with fasting and so it wasn’t until around 9:30 before I was able to have anything. We both skipped the Spark/V16 that is suggested before breakfast and then went straight into our Fiber Drink. Within an hour of the Drink, around 11:20am we were eating lunch. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse and I had chicken breast, mashed potatoes and vegetables with water. Kenrick had the salmon with vegetables and water. So yes, we had our lunch first.

About an hour or two after lunch we opted to have the Spark/V16 that’s suggested in the afternoon and then we had our MRS for lunch rather than for breakfast. We basically just swapped meals. We didn’t have any additional snacks for the day and like yesterday struggled with our water consumption. On the plus side the only liquids we’ve had is water. For dinner we went to Walmart. Actually, we bought their Marketside Chicken Caesar Salads. I don’t know what it is but it was the perfect dinner. So flavorful and just so very good. I was shocked, upon eating the entirety of the package that one container didn’t equal one serving. Apparently it’s 4 servings in a container, almost 800 calories. However, it was well worth it. Both Kenrick and I were very happy and contented after the meal. We also had water. Continue reading

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24-Day Challenge – Day 2 Recap

Advocare24DayChallenge11/11/13. Day 2 wasn’t too much different from Day 1. It was helpful that it was another day that we were home the entire day. Thus, we were able to really focus on what we were going to eat. As with the previous day we decided to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner. Kenrick baked some chicken breasts and we ate it with vegetables. And since we were not overtly active we certainly didn’t feel hungry. Our moods were good and it seemed to work out well as a whole. Because I was feeling a bit restless (not due to the Challenge) I did walk for 20 minutes on the treadmill. I found that I was also more in touch with what I was putting into my body and fortunately didn’t have any major cravings. When it was bedtime I had a small sweet tooth craving. I then remembered that one of the suggested snacks in the Daily Guide was yogurt and that we had some in the fridge. Kenrick and I had that prior to going to bed.

Our water consumption is still pretty low but we did also have fruits as a snack. So, unlike Day 1 when we didn’t have any of the three snacks we’re allotted, we did two today. We are also going about it in a pretty purist way. What I mean is that we’ve been only eating the food groups it outlines in the Guide. So far no big issues.

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24-Day Challenge – Day 1 Recap

Advocare24DayChallenge11//10/13. All in all I think that Day 1 went well. In general I had improved energy and actually felt noticeably better. I don’t know if it was due to deliria as a result of the decrease in food intake. However, I was not very hungry throughout most of the day. We got a late start to it so we didn’t have breakfast until early afternoon. That did cause us to eat lunch and dinner much closer together than we would normally. I think that Kenrick struggled a little more than I as he’s used to consuming a lot more food. It’s good that we’re doing this together and I think that on the days that we’re home it is much easier to be diligent with the Challenge.

I was up until 3am this morning but I don’t think that that had anything to do with the items we have to consume on the Challenge. So, here’s the skinny so far. The Spark and in the case of Kenrick, the V16 (non-caffeinated) are really great to start of the morning. It gives you a little extra pick me up which is certainly good leading into breakfast. The Fiber Drink, which I’m drinking as I type, is not bad. Our coach suggested getting the peaches and cream flavor and I think that it’s pretty decent. I don’t abhor it at all. You have to drink that first and then have breakfast. Kenrick and I have opted to do the Meal Replacement Shake (Vanilla) rather than have an actual breakfast. This is because generally speaking we don’t have breakfast. Yes, I know, it’s supposed to be the most important meal of the day. It just isn’t really for us. The Meal Replacement Shake (MRS) is not what I expected although I suppose it may have to do with how Kenrick made it. I can’t fault him for winging it. It’s not awful but we’ll see if I mix it if it will taste a little better. It does hold you, or me, for that matter. I assume that because we also weren’t extremely active yesterday, outside of chores, I was okay. Continue reading

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24-Day Challenge – Day 1

Advocare24DayChallengeIt’s November 10, 2013 and Kenrick and I have decided that this is the first day of the rest of our healthier lives. We’d like to share with everyone our committed 24-day journey as we do the Challenge. You’ll hear about our missteps, achievements, everything. We’re being completely open and honest. This also includes sharing photos and videos. We’re super excited and regardless of how this ends up, we’re here with you for its entirety. It will definitely be a challenge as we do this during the Thanksgiving period. We’ll blog and tweet about how we feel as well as our fitness. Be sure to check us out and leave us feedback or ask questions. We’re just two very regular people with normal weight issues. Real weight issues. Continue reading

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